To provide more convenient and efficient service to our valued customer, the following documents can be submitted through the drop-in Box during office hours:


1. Vehicle License Renewal Documents

Please put the completed application form, all necessary documents and appropriate fee (by crossed cheque or cashier order payable to “The Government of the HKSAR”) into an envelope.

2. Drawdown Documents

Vehicle Registration Document, Transfer form (TD25), Insurance Policy or Cover Note.

3. Payment by cheque or cashier order

Monthly Instalment, Settlement or Stocking Loan Interest.

DO NOT put in cash OR original ID documents.
Only crossed cheque or cashier order are accepted (Please write down the Agreement number(s) or Registration Mark(s) at the back).
Post-dated cheque will NOT be accepted.
Please attach the relevant contact information including name, telephone number and Registration Mark.
If the document is deposited after 3 pm, it will be processed in the next working day.
Renewed licence disc and payment receipt will be sent to the applicant’s correspondence address by surface mail (or registered mail upon request with appropriate fee).